Textile industry
SINGLE WIRE IN PREPARATION OF THE WEAVING In May 2009 it has been successfully commissioned a sizing line in Italy. The machine has been realized using a PLC Siemens S7-300 and Drive Siemens S120. The HMI has been develop with C#.NET The machine is capable to reach speed up to 125 m/min...
Successufully ended the commissioning of coils cutter
Ended with success the commissioning for a line cut at metal foil measure in north France.   In this particular coils' line of foil they come first unroll, after trim, straight, cut at measure and lastly packed.   This solution has ben realized with the follows equipment...
Acquisition new commissioning measure cutting
Soft Technologies acquire a commission for the development on plant to revamping a cutting coil machine. The machine would be revamp during Summer 2011 in a plant in North of the France.
Online our new web site
Published our new web site

Steel industry

Soft Technologies collaborate with BM Automation in the develop of software for various client in the steel industry.

  • Billet RHT Furnace handling
    Billets handling before and after the reheat furnace.
    Solution realized with plc Control Logix and iFix HMI.

  • Rolling mill
    Process of lamination.
    Solution realized with PLC S7 400 and iFix HMI

  • Flying shear
    Shear for scrapping and trimming head and tail billets during lamination.
    Solution realized with PLC S7 400 and iFix HMI

  • Stacker
    Handling of the bars after the process of lamination and package creation.
    Solution realized with PLC Control Logix and iFix HMI

  • Material handling
    Various plant with different plc like GE, Telemecanique, Matsushita, Siemens e Tecnint

  • Slitter
    Machinery that involve a coil, cut with slitter and defined lenght and packaging.
    Solution realized with PLC S7 400, HMI Cimplicity and Drive Siemens DCM and Simotion.